Ship Fresh

Single-use Ethylene Sachets, designed to remove ethylene gas, bacteria and mold from boxed produce and flowers.

  • Cost efficient
  • Very effective
  • Easy to use



The granules we use for our sachets are produced in the USA under strict ISO9001:2015 registered Quality Management System. Traceability, quality checks and records are enforced at all production and assembly levels.

Our granules are non- invasive nor contaminant, therefore approved for organic crops under European regulation EC834/2007 and American N.O.P.

The granules are specially designed for sachets because there is little airflow inside a box of fruits/vegetables. The small particle size creates a high surface area allowing the air to flow freely, resulting in faster absorption of ethylene gasses and removing volatiles.


Non-woven fabric


Our sachets are completely produced from a non-woven, water resistant fabric. The air can flow from one side to the other without being blocked which is especially important to create maximum absorption.


Place the sachet on top of the fruits, if you are using foam, preferably on the top foam.